New York Openings of Plays By Charles Hoyt *

Play Title Opening Date New York Theatre Name
A Bunch of Keys March 26, 1883 San Francisco Opera House
A Rag Baby April 14, 1884 Tony Pastor's Fourteenth-Street Theatre
A Parlor Match September 22, 1884 Tony Pastor's Theatre
A Tin Soldier May 3, 1886 Standard Theatre
The Maid and the Moonshiner August 16, 1886 Standard Theatre
A Hole in the Ground September 12, 1887 Fourteenth-Street Theatre
A Brass Monkey October 15, 1888 Bijou Theatre
A Midnight Bell March 5, 1889 Bijou Theatre
A Texas Steer November 10, 1890 Bijou Theatre
A Trip to Chinatown December 8, 1890 ** Harlem Opera House
A Temperance Town September 18, 1893 Hoyt's Madison Square Theatre
A Milk White Flag October 8, 1894 Hoyt's Theatre (formerly Hoyt's Madison Square Theatre)
A Runaway Colt December 2, 1895 American Theatre
A Black Sheep January 6, 1896 Hoyt's Theatre
A Contented Woman January 4, 1897 Hoyt's Theatre
A Stranger in New York September 13, 1897 Hoyt's Theatre
A Day and a Night in New York August 30, 1898 Garrick Theatre

* Hoyt's first two plays ("Gifford's Luck" and "Cezalia") were never produced in New York City. The only other play to have that distinction was "A Dog in the Manger" which opened in Washington, D.C. at the Lafayette Square Opera House on January 30, 1899.

** For those purists who do not consider Harlem to be part of New York, A Trip To Chinatown opened on November 9, 1891 at Hoyt's Madison Square Theatre.